Pig Switch, Sphere Launcher and Slug Catcher Photos by BKW Inc.

Upstream Vendors

Current Upstream Vendors Include:

Chief Environmental Product
Forum Energy Technologies

J.W. Williams


PMC can provide access to US Manufacturers of the following equipment: Mobile Land Drilling Rigs, Oil & Gas Processing Equipment, Tanks, Containment, Stiles, Shelters, Steel Plate and Small Specialty Plants.
Please contact PMC for equipment quotes.


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BKW, Inc

Tulsa, OK

Independent Authorized Dealer

Vendor & Equipment List

Midstream & Downstream Vendors

BKW Inc.

Strategically Located in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, BKW Inc. is a world leader in pipeline technology and equipment!  PMC works directly with BKW to develop and manage your next project.

Provide your specifications for structural steel, steel plate, pipeline or process pipe, pressure vessel and boiler requirements and PMC will be happy to quote.

Palco Materials Company is currently working with the equipment manufacturing companies depicted above to deliver the best equipment to Client organizations.  These Vendors have fabrication and warehouse facilities  strategically located throughout the Mid-West and can deliver equipment to your sites in the most timely manner possible .  

US Vendors Represented by PMC

Current Equipment List

For a current listing of available oil and gas production equipment, please download the file attached below. If there is equipment listed which you may need, please contact PMC for greater details and pricing. The list of materials, equipment, services and technology provided through PMC is expanding. PMC also has monthly equipment schedules and availability update you may subscribe to.

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