Optimizing the Energy Industry

Client Engagement

Palco Materials Company is a Client Oriented Organization which views Vendors and End Users alike as Customers, and all Customers as Important Clients. Once a Client's scope of work has been defined and a proposal accepted, Palco Materials Company works with a sense of urgency to ensure communications between Vendors and Clients are as rapid and crisp as possible, specifications are clearly defined and accepted, and any "Requests for Information" are transmitted and answered as swiftly as possible. The ultimate objective is to provide a product which conforms to the Client's specifications. This sense of "Fiduciary Responsibility" toward both the Vendor and Client alike is a "distinguishing characteristic" of      Palco Materials Company.

Service Agreements

Palco Materials Company is strategically situated in the Houston, Texas Region to provide various technical consulting services to the Energy Industry throughout the United States. Consulting services range from oil and gas production facility layouts, pipeline route reviews and alternative route planning to plant expansion/integration reviews and recommendations. These technical consulting services can augment the existing staff of lean operators much quicker than a Major EPCM Company can, at a fraction of the cost and deliver the same level of quality and service. However, if you have a Mega-Project, by all means, utilize a Major EPCM Company. 



PMC Services

Vendor Representation

Palco Materials Company is a division of Palco Services International LLC. The mission of Palco Materials Company is to provide Vendor or Manufacturer Representation for a diversified source of equipment, materials, products and technology to the United States Energy Industry. Thus, PMC is situated to support Onshore North American Projects from oil and gas single well facilities to full field development, pipeline projects, pressure vessel sourcing and procurement, steel products and steam.

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